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Spirometry Tool: Now Even Better!

Hello to all AsthmaTuner users,

We’ve listened to your feedback and worked to improve and simplify the instructions in the spirometry feature. Here’s what’s new this time:

🔄 Clarified Information:

For both regular spirometry and bronchodilation tests. More intuitive, fewer question marks. The goal? Making every step of the examination more understandable, which in turn should increase the likelihood of the test being conducted correctly.

⏱ Extended Rest Interval:

The rest interval for the spirometer has been extended from 15 to 90 seconds, so no stressful interruptions in the middle of the test.

🚫 When is the test not appropriate?:

We’ve included vital information about when, for medical reasons, it’s not suitable to conduct a test. Safety first!

👉 Updates go live this week.

Dive in and test the flow, and as always, your feedback is invaluable to us.


With a smile from Jalle, 

The AsthmaTuner Team

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