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Guess how many trees the asthmatic community has helped us plant so far...
Taking care of your asthma will help you feel better, but did you know it can help our planet feel better too? Find out more

The future of asthma treatment is here, how can it help you?

“My child just wants to play
football like everyone else”

“Asthma is a part of my life,
not my whole life”

“I want to help even more of my
patients even better”

Better support for asthmatics, effective tools for healthcare providers

Our goal is that all asthma patients should be able to live without limitations

How AsthmaTuner works

Choose and connect to a clinic

Your clinic creates a treatment plan

Test your asthma and receive a treatment recommendation

Track your asthma and follow up with your healthcare provider

AsthmaTuner made it possible for me to excersise and now my asthma isn’t affected as badly when I catch a cold

– Viktor, Asthma Patient

Optimize your asthma treatment

Now I notice much earlier when my daughters asthma is getting worse, and I can support in a much better way

Support and follow your child’s asthma

AsthmaTuner saves time for both the patient and healthcare provider but also allows us to help patients balance their health and prevent symptoms before they happen

– Healthcare provider

Create treatment plans and prioritize patients that need help the most