“We want all asthmatics to be able to live their lives free from symptoms!”

AsthmaTuner is CE marked and follows strict quality and safety requirements. Clinical studies show that AsthmaTuner improved asthma control and lowers costs for the healthcare system

10% of the world’s population has asthma. Despite treatment guidelines and medications, many still suffer from symptoms.

Existing treatment methods and processes are time consuming and inefficient for both patients and healthcare providers.

We want to create modern research-based tools that make life easier for healthcare providers and help asthmatics live symptom-free lives.

The AsthmaTuner Team

Henrik Ljungberg

Founder and Medical Doctor

Björn Nordlund

Founder and researcher

Eric Alhanko


Peter Sommer


Anna Carleborg

Project Manager

Joakim Bauman

Android Lead

Isabella Smolarski

UX Design Lead

Elias Kronberg

Back End Lead

Nicklas Oxhammar

Android Developer

Hanna Göthberg

Digital Marketing Manager

Nick Fomin

iOS Lead

Alexander Shekhovtsov

iOS Developer

Andrey Trishch

Front End Lead

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