Guess how many trees the asthmatic community has helped us plant so far...
Taking care of your asthma will help you feel better, but did you know it can help our planet feel better too? Find out more

With right treatment you can live without symptoms!

Asthma should not limit your life

Asthma is triggered by multiple factors that can vary from day to day. This makes it difficult to follow and treat. Almost all asthmatics can, with the right support and medications, live completely without symptoms.

Optimize your treatment

In order to be at you best you need to increase your medication when you are feeling worse and reduce medication when you are doing better. We connect you with a caregiver that crates an individual treatment plan for you and then we help you to optimise your treatment.

Keep track of your asthma wherever you are

Regular checks of your asthma can you do all by yourself wherever you are with our app and wireless lung function meter. We also offer other tools so you can better understand your asthma and avoid symptoms.

Easier and more effective meetings with you caregiver

Your healthcare provider can view your information in AsthmaTuners Careportal and can easily monitor your asthma. Communication between you as an asthmatic and your caregiver is much easier when you are on the same page.
Together you can go through how you have felt over time and fine-tune your treatment so you can become symptom-free!

With AsthmaTuner Viktor can compete in Crossfit

Can you tell us about yourself?

I am 18 years old and live in Täby. I am currently doing my last year of high school and compete in Crossfit in my spare time. My asthma is triggered by infections which can become very long, which leads to that I miss a lot in both school and exercise. I exercise 3 times a day so if I miss a day it can affect performance quite a lot.

How has your life changed since you started to use AsthmaTuner?

The doctors have always said ‘take this when you are sick’ but it is not really individualized, but AsthmaTuner gives me news of how my asthma looks today and I have come to know my body much better. I have been able to prevent being sick for a very long time. Before I could be sick for 3 weeks, but now it is about a few days to 1 week.

How AsthmaTuner works

Choose and connect to a clinic

Your clinic creates a treatment plan

Test your asthma and receive a treatment recommendation

Track your asthma and follow up with your healthcare provider

Are you ready to take control of your asthma?