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” AsthmaTuner has given me back the joy that comes with working with asthma patients because this is so much more fun.”

– Healthcare provider and Careportal user

A clinically validated service for at-home treatment of asthma

AsthmaTuner has been developed in close collaboration with Swedish healthcare with the purpose to simplify life for both caregivers and patients.
With just a couple of clicks you create a treatment plan that follow guidelines for good asthma care, and patients get an effective decision support tool.

Easier to follow patients and prioritise those who need care most

You get a quick overview of how your patients are doing right after you have logged in. That makes it easier for you to take decisions around required changes in treatment and prioritise those who need care most.

Simplified diagnosis with spirometry and assessment of diurnal variability.

Reversibility testing does not always give enough information – with a digital PEF evaluation you can assess symptoms and lung function in the daily life of a patient.
You can also perform a spirometry to get more information about the patients lung function.

  • Faster patient education

  • Evidence based treatment

  • Increased savings for healthcare

With AsthmaTuner Charlotte and Marcus can help their patients through remote monitoring

About the Bohusliden Clinic

The primary care clinic Bohusliden in Strömstad has started a pilot project together with AsthmaTuner, where asthma is diagnosed and treated remotely. Bohusliden uses the digital service Praktikertjänst24. By using the AsthmaTuner lungfunction meter and app together with visits the clinic can diagnose and treat the patient – a process that before has taken lot of energy and time.
Read the whole article on Praktikertjänsts webpage

Toughts about AsthmaTuner

Many asthmatics have exacerbations, for example during infections, and the lung function meter can catch the negative trend before the patient notices. They can then increase the dosage according to the prescription earlier, explains Marcus Jangsjö.
Home testing saves time for both the patient and the doctor, but also means that the caregiver can help the patient balance their health and prevent other symptoms.

How AsthmaTuner and Careportal works

In Careportal you create/ adjust a treatment plan in 3 steps that is sent to the patients app

The patient test their lung function and register symptoms according to GINA guidelines

The patients lung function, symptoms and asthma triggers shows in Careportal

We help your clinic get started with AsthmaTuner!