Clinically validated asthma treatment

AsthmaTuner is clinically validated in the Swedish healthcare system and is based on international guidelines for good asthma treatment.

Problems we solve

Att följa riktlinjer för astmabehandling är tidskrävande

All asthma patients should get a treatment plan

National guidelines for asthma, states the importance of having an individual treatment plan. In Sweden this is also requirement from Socialstyrelsen. We know that 50% of all medical professionals say they prescribe a treatment plan but only 7% of patient feel they have received one. This situation is unacceptable and a risk for patient safety.


Patient education can be difficult and time consuming

There are international guidelines for how to create a treatment plan for patients. However, with todays situation it is difficult to keep all staff up to date and get enough time to inform the patient in a good way. Therefore we aim to make international guidelines available to everyone and simplify patient education

Spend resources on the patients that need it the most

With todays ways of working it can be difficult to find enough time to prioritize the patients that need it the most. Therefore our goal is to simplify the work so that it is quicker and with better quality. For example we remove manual time consuming tasks, specialist nurses can get more responsibility for certain tasks and the patients cam to a larger degree manage and be in control of their asthma.


Remote asthma care

Research shows that digital asthma care actually have better results than traditional healthcare. In addition, it frees up time for both patient and caregivers. With AsthmaTuner you can provide asthma care over video or phone and view all patient data in our health care interface.

Quicker and simple diagnosis of asthma

We are currently developing a unique solution for diagnosis of work related asthma called AsthmaTuner Diagnosis. With this solution you simplify for the patient by eliminating the PEF paper diaries and for the staff by removing manual data entry. This leads to quicker diagnosis and increased efficiency. Contact us to find out more.

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How it works

AsthmaTuner Portal

Through the AsthmaTuner portal you as a caregiver can manage all AsthmaTuner patients. The portal is easily reached through any browser and you securely login using HSA / E-Tjänstekort or mobile BankID.

Treatment plans

You get access to standard treatment plans based on international guidelines and fully compliant with Socialstyrelsen requirements. You can also create own templates for the entire clinic or create your own favorites to simplify patient education. All medications included are updated from FASS.

Manage patients and view data

When you connect a patient to your clinic you can see their historical data. This makes it possible to increase accuracy in the analysis, since you can see objective data over a long period of time and analyze seasonal effects. Based on this data you can adjust treatment plan that is automatically pushed to the patient.

Export data to simplify inclusion in patient journal

AsthmaTuner is not a patient record system. But with the simple click of a button you can export the treatment plan and historical view of data and include it in the patient journal.

Designed with data security regulations in mind

AsthmaTuner is built to be fully compliant with GDPR and other regulations required. We provide two factor authentication and encryption of all data to ensure integrity. AsthmaTuner is a medical device class I and is CE marked.

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