Frequently asked questions

Who can use AsthmaTuner?

Anyone with an asthma diagnosis and older than 6 years of age can use AsthmaTuner. The system is not CE marked for children under 6 since the lung function tests are not reliable enough.

Why do I need AsthmaTuner?

Asthma is a variabe condition that requires continuou adjustments in medication to be at your best. With AsthmaTuner you get the decision support required to adjust medication usage. Your data is saved and shared with your doctor, enabling the follow-up meetings to be more efiective, since historical values are key to provide the right medical advice.

I already have a treatment plan, can I use it?

Yes, your doctor can easily upload your existing treatment plan and make any adjustments if required.

What Spirometer can I use?

AsthmaTuner only works with our own Spirometer to ensure that you have the most secure experience.

Can my child use AsthmaTuner?

If you child is older than 6 years, they can use AsthmaTuner. Just download the app, create an account in your name using BankID. Then go to profile and create an account for your child.

Is it safe to use AsthmaTuner?

AsthmaTuner is CE-marked and approved by the Medical Product Agency. Effectivity and security has been evaluated in clinical trials at Karolinska Institute with good results.

Can all clinics use AsthmaTuner?

AsthmaTuner works for both digital and traditional healthcare. Contact your healthcare provider for more information, or send their contact details to us and we will follow up and infrom how easy it is to get started.

How is AsthmaTuner different from other asthma apps?

AsthmaTuner is the only clinically validated app that provides an instant treatment recommendation based on international guidelines for good asthma treatment.

What countries do you ship to?

AsthmaTuner is currently only available in Sweden, but we are already planning to launch in additional markets. Stay tuned for more to come!

User instructions

Feel free to download and read the instructions for use before you start. Click the icon to open the document in a new tab or click the file name to download the file directly.

Contact us

To get started with AsthmaTuner, to participate in our clinical trials or if you have any questions about AsthmaTuner, you are welcome to contact us at