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Frequently asked questions

Who can use AsthmaTuner?

Everyone with Asthma diagnosis or suspected asthma older than 6 can use AsthmaTuner. The system is not CE marked for kids below 6 years since the lung function readings are not accurate enough.

Why do I need AsthmaTuner?

Asthma is a variable disease that requires continuous change of medication in order for you to be at your best. With AsthmaTuner you can optimise your treatment through with a treatment plan and objective decision support. Your data is saved and shared with your physician – making follow-up appointments more effective.

I already have a treatment plan, can I use it?

Yes, your doctor can easily upload your existing treatment plan and make any adjustments if required.

Which spirometer can I use?

AsthmaTuner only works with our own Spirometer to ensure that you have the most secure experience.

Can my child use AsthmaTuner?

If you child is older than 6 years they can use AsthmaTuner. You as a parent need to create an account for you child. You can follow your child in your own phone to see how their asthma is progressing.

Is it safe to use AsthmaTuner?

AsthmaTuner is CE-marked and approved by the Medical Product Agency. Effectivity and security has been evaluated in clinical trials at Karolinska Institute with good results.

Can all clinics use AsthmaTuner?

AsthmaTuner works for both digital and traditional healthcare. Contact your healthcare provider for more information, or send their contact details to us and we will follow up and infrom how easy it is to get started.

How is AsthmaTuner different from other asthma apps?

AsthmaTuner is the only clinically validated app that provides an instant treatment recommendation based on international guidelines for good asthma treatment.

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